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Our Chef

Long Island, New York native Chef William Demarco was introduced to the restaurant industry at an early age through his family-owned business, a popular neighborhood pizzeria. DeMarco loved the fast-paced kitchen environment and the sense of warmth encouraged through spending time with family, eating great food and drinking wine. DeMarco graduated from the Florida Culinary Institute in West Palm Beach. DeMarco began his culinary career working for Sam DeMarco with whom the Morton Group Chef coincidentally shares the same surname.

DeMarco has been with the celebrated Morton Group restaurants since La Cave’s opening. In addition to his leadership at La Cave, DeMarco serves as Corporate Executive Chef for Morton Group and oversees the food programs at La Comida, CRUSH American Grill, Greek Sneek, and ONE Steak. In his spare time, DeMarco enjoys watching sports, discovering culinary trends in different cultures and spending time with his two daughters.

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